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Gah, where to BEGIN? Well, for one, if I haven't said it already, I passed all 3 of my last semester's courses with As and my parents pitched in to do the impossible and get me a Wii, which I am very happy about. And I had a very nice Christmas and New Years, and of course, a new semester in college. Dang, Calculus is H-A-R-D! And only the first week has gone by! And I have soem class for writing stuff in the workplace and Physics....@_@ makes my head spin... And I cannot believe I haven't changed the journal layout still....but I will soon, I SWEAR ^^;;;....

But my primary reason for writing here is, I have a dilemma.

See, I kinda have a social group meeting this week, and there's this kid I've practically known all my years of grade school (EVERY SINGLE ONE) whome, I should be honest, DID NOT GET ALONG WELL WITH AT ALL. Oh and he'll be in the Social Group this week. I'm having mixed feelings about all this. Although I'm PRETTY SURE I heard the group manager say that after this, she'll be splitting the groups up into one of all girls and one of all guys, so....I just never thought I'd be seeing him again so soon ;_; AND I'M FREAKING OUT

Eh...Yeah. Maybe I should also start a writing journal and a few RP journals here...Gee so much to do, so little time!
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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

It has been a while--again.

So anyway:
1.) Just passed this semester with A's in all my classes (incl. Programming, which I got an F on the last time I took it)!
2.) I am actually gonna get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas!! if only for WiiFit .___.
3.) Just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. The first few hours of recuperation were awful, and today, it still hurts much..
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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

Urgh...I feel sick.

I have a sore throat, sniffles, and I just can't concentrate well. Worse is, I don't even know how it hit me. ugh....I need to sleep it off. And plenty of hot liquids, blah blah blah. I can't even remember the last time I was sick like this...
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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

It truly has been a while huh?

Like heck yes it has been.

So uh, I feel I've been working MUCH MUCH harder this college semester. My last college semester I got both A's, and good gosh I wore myself out yesterday working on Trig problems, and I AM READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD BABEH.

Of course, I kinda don't lurk forums so much anymore cause there are so much n00bs and tards and of course, trolls, and it just gets to me. I lurk the LJ communities I watch though, and Youtube and other sites quite a bit.

Also, if I get a B or an A on this upcoming test, Mom will let me buy a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP game (she won't allow buying of PS2 games yet, that's the only actual CONSOLE I have. Yup, still too poor to afford a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii (THOSE PRICES KEEP RISING LIKE CRAZY DAMIT) OR the HDTV required for the first and second consoles. It's kind of a long story about the whole game buying business). So maybe I'll FINALLY be able to buy Crisis Core if mom lets me (she is strict e.e; ) AND hopefully I can pre-order Star Ocean: First Departure for PSP. Gawd, I want that game more than anything else.

Meh, I should call it a day soon.

Also, I got a new laptop with Vista. It's nice but it crashes sometimes e.e;
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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

It feels like August and it's still July.

I REALLY don't feel like going out, to see any movies or anything, when it's THIS hot. X___X On the bright side, there aren't that many t-storms, and I seem to be doing well in my classes. I just hope I can keep the good work up. X___X
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I hate these thunderstorms...

It's thundering outside, and that means I cannot use the computer for fear of burn-outs or worse. Which interferes GREATLY with my college work (98% of it needs the computer). I wish this hurricane season was over much for living in Florida.

Sorry, just a lil rant. Now how am I supposed to get this work done?! argh..

also, I'll be needing a new layout soon...
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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

LONG BREAK before college...

Might as well get some supplies, mky GPA ain't too good but they only count the CUMULATIVE GPA being below 2.0 for me to be at risk. My noncum is 1.888 and cumulative is 2.3 something. Damn. I want a scholarship and now I guess I know what to do to get it...I just hope it will not be too late to get one...!

Also, need to see some movies. Iron Man IS A MUST, but I also wanna see The Forbidden Kingdom (Jachie Chan AND Jet Li in the SAME FILM..whoa) and perhaps Speed Racer (Epic Live-Action Adaptation of a retro anime is BOUND TO BE EPIC)

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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings


My dearest grandmother has just died.

I don't know how old she was, but I knew she was dying ever since I got word of her critical condition. I wanted to get help for her online by describing her condition, but my mother said no. If she had let me get help, Grandma would still be here!

But alas, what's done is done. I wanted her to stay alive as long as get news that I had graduated from college, that I had gotten the best paying job, that I had a good husband and children...but I guess it just wasn't God's will was it.

In a way, I feel responsible for her death. I didn't pray for her this morning, and I didn't get to say "I love you, Grandma" or anything like that. If I had Mom on the phone (Mom is in PR) and had her say "I love you, I'm sorry, and goodbye" to Grandma, I would know she would die happy. But no...I feel so terrible.

And now, I have a poem for my dear Grandmother.

Dear Grandmother,

I greatly regret I did not get to say farewell.

I regret also that you did not get to live long enough to know that I had graduated, and that I would prosper. I'll bet that broke your heart.

But, I will forever treasure the times we spent together, even if they were few.

I hope you will too.

I thank you for showing me what it is to be a good girl and be caring.

I deeply regret that last Christmas was the final Christmas we spent together, and know that I will forever love you.

I hope you will always love me and watch over me.

Say hi to Grandpa for me in heaven, okay?

Love always,

Your dearest Granddaughter

...I need to be alone now. .____.;
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penelo, final fantasy xii: revenant wings

ONE more week of college...

vefore finals and them summer break. ^^

But alas, my mom headed to PR to take care of my grandma, and she's been there for about two weeks now. Also,  ARGH, I'm all cranky and I am craving chocolate. And when I say cranky, oh man, am I CRANKY. It's not my time of the month soon is it...?

Also, replaying Xenosaga episode I. That game is SO MUCH WIN, yo.
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